About Us

Ever since I was a little boy, flying has always been a passion for me. I fell in love with this sport watching paragliders, gliders and ultra lights fly in the sky like birds. I was lucky to be able to watch them on a daily basis since I used to live in the Montseny Mountains, Spain, which is a famous launch and landing spot for these sports.

Because I had always wanted to try one of these unique flying sports, it always seemed like something was missing for me. I liked the concept of paragliding, but the problem was getting around and not being able to be truly independent, since I always needed someone to take me to the top of the mountain for take off. I found similar problems and limitations in the ultra lights and micro lights, especially regarding take off and landing areas, not to mention much larger equipment and transporting issues.

After discovering the sport of Paramotor in 2007 by hearsay at my cousin’s wedding, I knew I had found my calling. Since then, I have progressed from knowing very little about this sport to achieving my instructor level 2. I am also an active member of the Euro Paramotor team, where I often fly as a display pilot.

I have been flying all around the world ever since I finished my training in 2007.

2007 – St Petersburg in Russia where I trained to join the European Paramotor team which enabled me to start my career as a stunt display pilot.

2007 – Fly Paramotor show AUE Abu Dhabi for Ramadan games.



2008 – Fly Paramotor in Philippines,1st person to fly in Palawan Island.

2008 – Vietnam to Barcelona by Motorbike Minsk, 6 months, the only one who has done this trip so far.

2008 – Fly Paramotor show India for the Cricket world cup in Mumbay.

2008 – Fly Paramotor showTurkiye, inauguration hotel Antalya.



2009 – Open School Paramotor Bangkok.

2009 – Fly Paramtor show Lybia in Tripoly 40 years of Gadafy revolution, 10 years African union.



2010 – Move school Paramotor Bangkok to Hua Hin.

2010 – Instructor license level 1.

2010 – 1th position in Paramotor Thailand Competition.



2011 – Fly Paramtor show Thailand for the 84th world tennis invitation, Hua Hin.

2011 – Fly Paramotor show Dubai for International Parachuting Championship and Gulf Cup 2011.

2011 – Instructor license level 2.

2011 – Fly Paramotor show Philippines 16th international Ballon fiesta.

2011 – Fly Paramotor expedition to Mts. Pinatubo volcane In Philippines with Petter Nachbaur.

2011 – Fly Paragliding expedition to Himalaya India with Petter Nachbaur.

2011 – Fly Paramotor show Kuwait 50 years of Independence.

2011 – Fly Paramotor show Abu Dhabi UAE’s 40th National Day.



2012 – Open School Paramotor Thailand.

2012 – Fly Paramotor show Philippines 18th International Ballon fiesta.

2012 – Paramotor Thailand expedition to 100 Islands National Park in Philippines with Chema Costa and Petter Nachbaur.

2012 – Fly Paramotor show Philippines Inauguration stadium Zambales.

2012 – Malaysia Paragliding accuracy world cup 2012 Ending on 7th position.



2013 – Open School Paramotor and Paragliding in Sriracha, Thailand.

2013 – First to fly Paramotor Tandem in Philippines.

2013 – Fly Paramotor show Philippines 19th International Ballon fiesta.

2013 – Open Paramotor Championship in Malaysia, finsh on 2nd Individual, 1st with team.



2014 – Open Paragliding in Philippines, finish on 1st.

2014 – Fly Paramotor in Eypgt.

2014 – Open Paragliding competition in Danang, Vietnam finish on 1st.

2014 – Open Paragliding competition in Malaysia finish on 3rd.

2014 – Pre world cup Paragliding in Philippines finish on 4th.

2014 – Fly Paramotor show in Moscow, Russia.

2014 – First to fly Paramotor trike tandem in Pokara Nepal with help Phoenix Paragliding and Sunrise Paragliding.



2015 – Paramotor king cup Nongkor Thailand finish 5th.

2015 – Paramotor king cup Ayuthaya Thailand Finish on 2nd.

2015 – Skydive license B.

2015 – First to fly Paramotor in Vang Vieng Laos.

2015 – Ultralight license in Thailand.



2016 – Organize the 2nd fly safary Paramotor in Laos.

2016 – Buy Ultralight airplane Sky ranger.

2016 – NOAH Narvacan Air-sports Festival Paragliding and Paramotor Philippines.

2016 – Privat Pilot License EASA license in UK.

2016 – Organize the 3rd fly safary Paramotor in Laos.



2017 – 100h fly with airplane.

2017- Coach India Pilot Mr. Appasaheb Dhus won a gold medal on the  Pre world cup

2017- Tail dragger pilot.



2018 – Master Instructor APPI. only 9 Instructor in the world have this title.

2018 – Coach Indian Team on PPG world cup, won the Bronze medal on Tandem Trike.

2018 – 4th fly safari trip to Laos.

2018 – flight expedition Myanmar old Bagan



2019 – India flying show Hyderabad.

2019 – Lakeland USA, FAA CPL License

2019 – Sport recreation boat license barcelona.

2019 – India flying show Bengaluru.

2019 – India paragliding safari Bir Himalaya.



2020 – covid no travel



2021 covid no travel