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The cool Minivario

Ideal as back-up Vario for cross-country Route and Competition pilots, excellent e.g. for coastal soaring, space saving for para-glider tandem pilots and mountaineers.

It’s precisely the right instrument for anyone who wants to enjoy activity with the strict minimum of technology. Price: 8,000 Baht

IQ Alto

The IQ-ALTO is a “best price” entry to the next generation of BRAUNIGER Intelligent Flight Instruments.

Designed to perfectly meet the needs of all paragliding pilots, from beginners to experienced pilots. They are equally suitable for hang gliding!
The new IQ instruments are even easier to handle, and packed with functions for performance minded pilots. Price: 10,000 Baht

IQ One+

IQ-ONE and IQ-ONE+ are the first units of the new Bräuniger Generation of intelligent flight instruments.

Perfectly aligned in design and technology to the requirements of experienced paraglider and hang glider pilots. IQ-ONE and IQ-ONE+ cover the wide range of beginners to ambitious pilots. Easy to operate but although equipped with many functions for the performance oriented pilot. Price: 12,500 Baht

IQ Basic / GPS

The IQ-BASIC-GPS the next generation of smal flight instruments with integrated GPS receiver

The IQ-BASIC is the ideal advancement to the Brauniger Vario series IQ-ONE/ONE+, perfectly aligned to the requirements of paraglider- and hangglider pilots. The combination of GPS and an extremely wide digital Vario range of +/- 100 m/s !

The integrated flight recoder records flights in a IGC format for an easy uploading to the OLC server, or presenting a flight on Google-Earth using the Flychart software.

The IQ-BASIC-GPS covers the wide range beginning from newcomers up to the ambitious pilots who just enjoy flying. The instrument is easy to handle but all the same it is equipped with various functionsfor the performance minded pilot. The extreme sensitive and accurate 20 channel GPS-receiver displays precisely the speed over ground, which is quite important for the pilots. Price: 14,700 Baht

IQ Competition GPS

The IQ-COMPETITION-GPS combines approved Bräuniger – Variometer – Technology in compact design with the option to connect a Garmin GPS device

McCready function.
For the very first time an ingenious simple McCready function and display has been realised on the instrument IQ-COMPETITION-GPS.
On the Vario display simply appears an additional, single Vario pointer within the climb range, which is in accordance to the required McCready value (ring setting) Any change of the “ring setting” is therefore indeed easy. It is just necessary to adjust the airspeed in such a way that the pointer shows to the required McCready value!
In addition, a specific acoustics signal supports the easy recognition of the selected ring value.

Goal Approach Calculator

The IQ-COMPETITION-GPS has also integrated a very effective Goal approach calculator. When GPS receiver is connected, the Micro controller of IQ-COMP-GPS compares continuously the required glide ratio, which is necessary to reach a goal point memorised in the GPS, with the best airborne glide ratio, resulting from the Polar curve data input and the influence of the wind. Price 15,500 Baht

IQ Competino+

Flight instrument now with 20-Channel GPS Receiver

The IQ-COMPETINO+ is the forceful enhancement of the successful COMPETINO under consideration of the most recent processor technology and ergonomic design.

Price: 23,500 Baht

IQ Compeo+

Flight instrument now with 20-channel GPS receiver

The IQ COMPEO + is the very new High-End Instrument by BRÄUNIGER Flight Electronic. It is based on the previous IQ-COMPEO, but is now provided with complete new, future- oriented processor technology and various features of expandability, such as slot for smart card and Bluetooth application. Here only are listed important functions. We don’t want to impress with a long listing of functions which are more or less as a matter of course! Brauniger stays for quality, reliability and easy handling as well as perfect service! Price: 30,500 Baht

Flight Accessories / BRAUNIGER GPS VARIO


IQ Motor

The first electronic flight instrument worldwide, which was especially developed for flying motor driven paragliders, paraglider-trikes and hangglider-minimum systems

In addition to the usual indicators for vario and altitude, it provides indicator for CHT (cylinder head temperature) and RPM (motor rotation)
More over, it contains the innovative AGM ( Altitude Guidance Mode = optical altitude guiding function ).
Due to this feature a pre-set flying altitude may be maintained within a certain range of tolerance !
Motor data are programmable with individually adjustable alarm thresholds. In case of transgression of a pre-set value, the IQ-MOTOR triggers an optical alarm, e.g. the corresponding indicator starts flashing.

Price: 17,500 Baht

Flight Accessories / BRAUNIGER GPS VARIO


Windwatch Pro

The Windwatch-Pro is the new Multi function talent made by Flytec AG, for Outdoor operation, whether in waterborne activities, in the mountains or at aviation.

World innovation for altimetry: Auto-Set of altimeter (patented). Price: 8,200 Baht